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  1. Like this post if you came here when UB changed formats. If not, how did you find this place? (35 replies)
    posted 4-1-2019 1:00pm in Toddler
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  2. I am the mom on here who went from 272 pounds to now 139. There was a school event (parent with child) an the teachers took pics and sent them in a newsletter. I was like who is... (18 replies)
    posted 3-29-2019 6:17pm in Toddler
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  3. I know it’s unlikely you’re on here but on March 31 2008 i felt weird. I was 38 weeks pregnant and you continuously told me to go to the hospital and that if not my baby might... (21 replies)
    posted 3-31-2019 11:28pm in Toddler
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    posted 4-22-2019 7:45pm in Toddler
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  5. Pea sized lump mom here (my old moniker from February): saw my breast surgeon for the last time today! all clear, 2 weeks post surgery! clean pathology report, no issues. she... (4 replies)
    posted 4-2-2019 12:46pm in Toddler
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  6. I was 191.2 on 12/2 of last year and today I am 158.0. I feel so much better. (8 replies)
    posted 4-9-2019 8:05am in Toddler
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  7. I am obese mom. Four years ago was hospitalized w/heart issues. I weighed 272 pounds at 5'5. The doctor said I was going to die. Today I weighed in at 138 pounds,... (12 replies)
    posted 4-5-2019 12:46pm in Toddler
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  8. 12 year old ASD kid told me 'Mom, stop that, you are embarrasing me.' For other moms, this would be disrepectful. For me, I was surprised and totally happy. This is a kid that... (32 replies)
    posted 4-20-2019 7:59am in Special Needs
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  9. DS has officially grown out of aggression! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah. That was a LONG 10 YEARS. (20 replies)
    posted 4-17-2019 2:17pm in Special Needs
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  10. I just want to say to anyone whose child has had psychiatric problems that I have BTDT. MANY people go through this. Its not any rarer than having a child with any kind of health... (50 replies)
    posted 4-17-2019 11:38am in Toddler
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  11. I always love it when a new Star Wars movie comes out and I can take my dad. I've mentioned this once before, but I grew up in rural india and Star Wars was the first western... (8 replies)
    posted 4-12-2019 7:05pm in Toddler
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  12. I'm getting married today! And hopefully pregnant tonight :) (9 replies)
    posted 4-6-2019 1:33pm in Toddler
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  13. So we are in a college wave here at YBM. if im here for the wedding phase of our kids, please come to my house and shoot me. (6 replies)
    posted 4-5-2019 2:33pm in Toddler
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  14. They are subpoenaing Trump's taxes. This should be fun. (6 replies)
    posted 4-3-2019 6:30pm in Toddler
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  15. My card was declined buying a coffee and a 14 year old girl next to me offered to pay for it because “she could tell I really needed a win” (18 replies)
    posted 4-2-2019 11:14am in Toddler
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  16. Jesus, I'm the happiest I've been in years. I have a great bf who I stay with every other weekend, I have a stable job, my 13.5 yo ds is good. I went from 10 years ago getting... (5 replies)
    posted 3-30-2019 3:52pm in Toddler
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  17. Hamilton lottery winner from yesterday. DD had the night of her life, thank you for the restaurant suggestions and telling me to let her wait by the stage door. She got a selfie... (11 replies)
    posted 3-30-2019 12:23pm in Toddler
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  18. DC who didn't talk or potty trained until she was 4, couldn't write her name until she was 6 and was generally slow and behind in all development is graduating from Stanford this... (29 replies)
    posted 11 hr 44 min ago in Toddler
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  19. My brother is going home tomorrow! He went in to the hospital on Tuesday for... (5 replies)
    posted 4-17-2019 4:41pm in Toddler
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  20. 64 pounds down since the end of November... (31 replies)
    posted 4-12-2019 2:54pm in Toddler
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  21. 164.6 today. Cannot believe I was 186 13 weeks ago. So ridiculously happy to finally feel good and be in control! (11 replies)
    posted 4-11-2019 10:49am in Toddler
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  22. My side job paid off all of our credit card bills and left us with enough extra money to go visit family over spring break!! I am free of debt!! (18 replies)
    posted 4-8-2019 3:14pm in Toddler
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  23. I am 61 days sober today :) (13 replies)
    posted 4-6-2019 7:31pm in Toddler
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  24. All parents with kids who have friends / don't struggle socially ... please take the time to feel thankful. Really, know how lucky you are. It is so heartbreaking and upsetting. (19 replies)
    posted 4-1-2019 4:54pm in Toddler
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  25. I want to say... When I had PPD when dd was a newborn you guys were a main voice of reason for me. You kept me talking. You helped me so much with my depression. This was in... (11 replies)
    posted 4-1-2019 12:42pm in Toddler
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