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  1. Name a food that's regional from your childhood and see if we can guess where you grew up. (185 replies)
    posted 9-23-2021 12:46pm in Toddler
  2. Do you look down on families with onlies? (172 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 12:24pm in Toddler
  3. This post has been deleted. (156 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 10:51pm in Toddler
  4. DD is so mean. I wish she wouldn't come home for weekends from college if she's just going to be mean. (140 replies)
    posted 12 hr 55 min ago in Toddler
  5. Would you let your child go to college for music (133 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 9:14pm in Toddler
  6. Everyone here acts like only crazily extraordinary kids get into ivies. I know plenty of really bright, but not extraordinary kids who go to ivies. (130 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 8:37pm in Toddler
  7. Get vaccinated!... (123 replies)
    posted 9-21-2021 10:39am in Toddler
  8. I was kind of shamed for getting Moderna, but turns out it's being shown to be more effective than Pfizer, so HA! (115 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 6:54pm in Toddler
  9. My dc wrote some really gross stuff over text to a friend. None of it mean but just inappropriate. How do you handle. I happened to see it but rarely read texts. 13 years old. (114 replies)
    posted 9-24-2021 8:56am in Toddler
  10. Are there any "OK" kids at Regis? Is Regis really full of super smart kids??? If there are, how does those "OK" kids feel? (114 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 1:23pm in Toddler
  11. If your child had near perfect SAT scores and a 4.9 weighted GPA, would you encourage her (if she wanted it) to apply early to a school like harvard or Yale? (113 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 10:03pm in Toddler
  12. Drunk college counselor here. One of you had a question? (109 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 11:34pm in Toddler
  13. WWYD if anything in this scenario: bad marriage likely ending in a couple years when youngest dc is in college. No assets but dh has a very wealthy mom who will leave him money.... (108 replies)
    posted 15 hr 3 min ago in Toddler
  14. My parents are coming for thanksgiving. they are vaccinated. But they don't wear masks and they take 0 covid precautions. Would you ask them to take a covid test before coming?... (107 replies)
    posted 9-23-2021 9:23am in Toddler
  15. Wait. There are people here denying the migrant crisis? It’s being reported everywhere. How can you deny it? (105 replies)
    posted 9-19-2021 9:38pm in Toddler
  16. This post has been deleted. (104 replies)
    posted 9-23-2021 9:04pm in Toddler
  17. Ack!!! My DC is really torn between two schools to ED, they are different in a lot of ways, but also similar. Very strong student and def wants to do ED, but needs to decide. I... (98 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 8:27pm in Toddler
  18. This post has been deleted. (98 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 8:12pm in Toddler
  19. Jeannie Mai is 43 and pregnant. Is that too old? (97 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 2:15pm in Toddler
  20. DH's 15 yo son won't speak to him because "he hurt mom's feelings." His mom no doubt poisoned his mind against DH saying that he had an affair with me, but their marriage was... (96 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 4:28pm in Toddler
  21. Do you judge me for having four kids? (93 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 1:07pm in Toddler
  22. This post has been deleted. (93 replies)
    posted 9-21-2021 12:51pm in Toddler
  23. I think parents who dont get their kids vaccinated against covid are putting their children at unnecessary risk. (93 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 9:43pm in Toddler
  24. BLM isn’t protesting against vaccine mandates it is protesting against using them to be rude and racist. But of course the racists ignore that. (92 replies)
    posted 9-19-2021 2:14pm in Toddler
  25. My ds who had a horrible year last year, changed schools and is repeating the grade was off to a great start. now avoiding his homework, stomachache, saying not going to school... (91 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 9:08pm in Toddler