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  1. The day after the debate, Elizabeth Warren bought a full page ad in Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper saying Sheldon Adelson will pay $2.3 billion the first year of her... (227 replies)
    posted 2-22-2020 7:07pm in Toddler
  2. Why do you all like Bloomberg so much? (149 replies)
    posted 2-22-2020 9:36pm in Toddler
  3. It's only Americans that complain about how others behave on flights. I think it's because we're not socialized to function in public spaces, with other people. Americans all... (138 replies)
    posted 2-18-2020 1:24pm in Toddler
  4. Some of the posters here are so disturbed and mean it’s actually frightening. Like monsters. Maybe I just haven’t logged on in a while and forgot what it’s like??? (133 replies)
    posted 2-18-2020 9:55pm in Toddler
  5. This am i woke up to 3 charges on my credit card from lyft. I called my credit card to have it cancelled. Then 14yo comes in my room and says it was her using my card on her apple... (120 replies)
    posted 2-23-2020 1:51pm in Toddler
  6. This post has been deleted. (120 replies)
    posted 2-22-2020 5:15pm in Toddler
  7. Give me an example of a decorating faux pas that is commonly made. (119 replies)
    posted 2-20-2020 1:19pm in Toddler
  8. We toured Boston schools this week. BC, BU, Tufts and Northeastern. I was surprised my dc liked Northeastern the best. (116 replies)
    posted 2-21-2020 11:50pm in Toddler
  9. Please Bloomie - do well tonight (116 replies)
    posted 2-19-2020 1:33pm in Toddler
  10. Has anyone figuredout how to combat homelessness? (110 replies)
    posted 2-18-2020 8:02pm in Toddler
  11. Anyone have an ex spouse who drove with the kids while impaired? I’m having this issue. I’m making an appointment with an attorney but not sure what I can do (106 replies)
    posted 2-20-2020 12:43pm in Toddler
  12. You're a Bernie hater. Now is time to vote. You vote Bernie or Trump? (105 replies)
    posted 4 hr 52 min ago in Toddler
  13. I hate that this country alternates between two extremes. I wish we had a strong moderate party. (105 replies)
    posted 2-22-2020 8:28am in Toddler
  14. If you were so talented (just imagine a case) where you could pick any college to attend at all, would it be Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, someplace else? What is the best... (105 replies)
    posted 2-20-2020 5:45pm in Toddler
  15. I may need to kill someone. A man who hangs around and watches dd when she comes from school. Police say they can’t do anything about it because he hasn’t done anything yet but... (105 replies)
    posted 2-18-2020 1:48pm in Toddler
  16. Looking at 16yo dds phone. 3 days ago she told a boy she hates him and than at 2am last night she said “r u up? I miss u” (103 replies)
    posted 2-17-2020 8:58pm in Toddler
  17. I need someone to come into our lives and itemize how we are wasting our $ (102 replies)
    posted 2-19-2020 1:10pm in Toddler
  18. I totally get why women SAHM. The work force is a tough place to be, in fact very little progress since the Bloomberg days. I would take a step away if I could. (100 replies)
    posted 2-21-2020 11:57am in Toddler
  19. Trigger post: books you hated that everyone else raves about. (100 replies)
    posted 2-19-2020 7:08pm in Toddler
  20. What is your main reason for disliking Bernie? (95 replies)
    posted 2-22-2020 10:37pm in Toddler
  21. Speaking of wohm/sahm, it bugs me when we go out socially w/friends (couples) and I am in the minority in that I wohm, no one EVER asks about my job. The guys talk about work,... (94 replies)
    posted 2-21-2020 1:55pm in Toddler
  22. 52.1% of white kids in NYC are in private schools. I had no idea (94 replies)
    posted 2-21-2020 10:07am in Toddler
  23. What's college I've never heard of? (92 replies)
    posted 21 hr 38 min ago in Toddler
  24. Moderate dems HAVE to get their act together (92 replies)
    posted 2-23-2020 12:40pm in Toddler
  25. I'm a stepmom. My ds and his stepsister are friends with siblings. The mom of their friends has told me some stuff dh doesn't know, and I'm trying to figure out what (if anything)... (92 replies)
    posted 2-21-2020 8:09am in Toddler