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  1. Read history homework with my ds tonight. You know who sucked? Columbus and Spain. 8 million dead indigenous people. I had no idea. Sickening. There shouldn’t be anything... (231 replies)
    posted 9-7-2021 12:05am in Toddler
  2. I was date raped 25 years ago as a college freshman. Starting later this month, i am going to speaking to various groups about what happened to educate about rape prevention (192 replies)
    posted 9-2-2021 2:27pm in Toddler
  3. The Texas anti abortion law will fail because it tries to eliminate the need to have standing and damages (187 replies)
    posted 9-4-2021 11:31am in Toddler
  4. Name a food that's regional from your childhood and see if we can guess where you grew up. (185 replies)
    posted 9-23-2021 12:46pm in Toddler
  5. Women should have the right to control their own bodies (185 replies)
    posted 9-3-2021 9:12am in Toddler
  6. If I can sue someone helping a woman who is trying to end her pregnancy I guess I can sue someone who is helping parents endanger their children by not wearing masks at school (175 replies)
    posted 9-8-2021 8:40am in Toddler
  7. When Trumpers talk about their freedom they really mean their conveniences. (174 replies)
    posted 9-11-2021 4:31pm in Toddler
  8. Do you look down on families with onlies? (172 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 12:24pm in Toddler
  9. Once Trump surrendered to the Taliban any US citizen should have known to get out - there was a travel advisory -... (169 replies)
    posted 8-29-2021 5:13pm in Toddler
  10. My DD has the grades and scores to consider top schools- she however hasnt been so keen on ECs, leadership etc - i hate to rain on her parade but i have been trying to steer her... (160 replies)
    posted 8-27-2021 10:41pm in Toddler
  11. This post has been deleted. (156 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 10:51pm in Toddler
  12. I have been dating someone for 3 yrs. we sleep together almost every night. we have dinner maybe 3 nights a week, ill cook, or we go out. the other nights he'll text me and say... (145 replies)
    posted 9-4-2021 8:12pm in Toddler
  13. Barring dyslexia, a learning disorder or any other type of disorder, I never will understand the overcomplicating of teaching reading. Pick up the book and excitedly read for half... (142 replies)
    posted 9-18-2021 11:22am in Toddler
  14. Texas is creeping closer and closer to Gilead (141 replies)
    posted 9-1-2021 8:30am in Toddler
  15. DD is so mean. I wish she wouldn't come home for weekends from college if she's just going to be mean. (140 replies)
    posted 13 hr 1 min ago in Toddler
  16. 4.5 GPA, 1420 sat, lots of APs, some awards, varsity sports. What are some colleges we should visit this fall? (Rising junior) (139 replies)
    posted 8-28-2021 11:30am in Toddler
  17. Any moms on who are familiar with admissions? Dd is trying to write her common app essay and she feels that talking about her recent illness, the experience, working through it... (137 replies)
    posted 9-5-2021 11:55pm in Toddler
  18. A friend of mine has a DS who got a 200K+ job right out of college and more since and travels and spends a lot etc - which, good for him. But the mom said if they know this was... (137 replies)
    posted 8-29-2021 5:28pm in Toddler
  19. There will never be consensus on abortion. What I see as a women's right someone else sees as murder. (134 replies)
    posted 9-2-2021 1:08pm in Toddler
  20. How would you feel if you paid about 120k for dc’s college education and she became a hostess at a restaurant long term? Not super high end restaurant but not low end either. (134 replies)
    posted 8-27-2021 7:26pm in Toddler
  21. Would you let your child go to college for music (133 replies)
    posted 9-22-2021 9:14pm in Toddler
  22. Everyone here acts like only crazily extraordinary kids get into ivies. I know plenty of really bright, but not extraordinary kids who go to ivies. (130 replies)
    posted 9-20-2021 8:37pm in Toddler
  23. I spent the weekend with a seasoned college counselor at a prestigious private school. No one here should be taking advice from posters/responders. The women here are CLUELESS... (125 replies)
    posted 9-8-2021 2:29pm in Toddler
  24. Get vaccinated!... (123 replies)
    posted 9-21-2021 10:39am in Toddler
  25. DH is up for a job based in Cambridge, MA. His boss would live in CA and so would some colleagues, so he can WFH, but he will have reports in MA. We live in NYC and I won’t move.... (120 replies)
    posted 9-6-2021 9:33am in Toddler