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  1. FYI, Trump is going down. (185 replies)
    posted 4-20-2019 1:19pm in Toddler
  2. Nkechi Amare Diallo, born and still commonly known as Rachel Anne Dolezal[pron 2] is an American multimedia artist and former civil rights... (180 replies)
    posted 4-9-2019 10:07pm in Toddler
  3. Is this a first time in history that a House committee has had to issue a subpoena to compel someone to release a report that fully and totally exonerates & vindicates him? (172 replies)
    posted 4-3-2019 11:39pm in Toddler
  4. College counselor here, AMA (169 replies)
    posted 4-21-2019 9:38pm in Toddler
  5. If Trump wants a lawyer he should get one. But he should not be using Bill Barr as his own advocate, the Attorney General is supposed to represent the people, not the president. (168 replies)
    posted 4-13-2019 6:36pm in Toddler
  6. Ilhan is delivering a lot of votes to GOP for 2020. Minnesota might be in play now. (165 replies)
    posted 4-12-2019 9:59pm in Toddler
  7. Interesting posts tonight on race/ethnicity. I have been asked all my life 'what I am' - never took offense. I am proud of my background. (164 replies)
    posted 4-23-2019 8:34pm in Toddler
  8. Trump’s seeks to overturn the Affordable Care Act based on a legal theory that is being dismissed by commentators across the spectrum as bad-faith nonsense.... (160 replies)
    posted 3-29-2019 6:41am in Toddler
  9. Moving out of NYC end of June, 18yo DC absolutely devastated and doesn't want to leave. How do I get her to understand people move all the time and it's just a fact of life? DC... (158 replies)
    posted 3-28-2019 8:47am in Toddler
  10. Transgender girl in my sons grade at school. Challenges all my liberal beliefs. Dealing with rooming issues for a school overnight. It’s tough. And hard to reconcile with my long... (156 replies)
    posted 4-23-2019 10:48am in Toddler
  11. 11 yo claims it is beyond the pale for my to say "no phones" at a sleepover party. I am fine holding my ground. But I'm curious what others think. Is she right? (152 replies)
    posted 4-12-2019 4:26pm in Toddler
  12. How would you handle a 7 yo who regularly sneaks food, including getting free breakfast and free lunch at school even though of course we feed her breakfast and pack a good lunch... (152 replies)
    posted 4-10-2019 9:21am in Toddler
  13. Would you adopt a child who was not the same race as you? I would not feel like I could raise a kid of another race and give them all they need. (149 replies)
    posted 4-22-2019 2:53pm in Toddler
  14. This post has been deleted. (147 replies)
    posted 3-31-2019 10:57pm in Toddler
  15. Have heard that if Trump loses in 2020, he will refuse to vacate the White House. seriously, people are saying this. so what happens in this case? (136 replies)
    posted 20 hr 23 min ago in Toddler
  16. I am sure he will fade, but Pete Buttigeig really has caught my attention. (136 replies)
    posted 3-30-2019 2:11pm in Toddler
  17. I bought this dress to wear as a comfy summer casual dress...dh HATES it,...dd loves it... (131 replies)
    posted 4-21-2019 11:52am in Toddler
  18. Poor dd is suffering. Has a LT boyfriend, sweet kid, since 9th grade. Both seniors and discussing the inevitable separation for college. Both accept that, he told her last night... (130 replies)
    posted 4-5-2019 11:10am in Toddler
  19. DD’s 15 yo friend asked me to help her get birth control, because she can’t ask her parents. I’m so conflicted - on one hand, I think giving her info on scheduling an appt w... (123 replies)
    posted 4-8-2019 9:43pm in Toddler
  20. The hassidic jews in Rockland County and elsewhere who say an outbreak of the measles represent a small group of parents within that community who are afraid of vaccination due to... (122 replies)
    posted 3-28-2019 2:07pm in Toddler
  21. Pro-Israel lobby/right wing evangelical war mongers are getting away with war crimes, human rights violations and unconstitutional legislation requiring govt employees to pledge... (121 replies)
    posted 3-27-2019 12:25pm in Toddler
  22. This is how the wealthy in NYC spend their summers. Quick family trip to Europe when private school gets out. then home, and kids head off to camp for 7 weeks. During those 7... (120 replies)
    posted 4-18-2019 5:31pm in Toddler
  23. So my 13yo has announced she is "pan". She is not bi, gay or straight. Can anyone help me understand this? (118 replies)
    posted 3-30-2019 11:22am in Toddler
  24. Saw a news piece on CBS yesterday about parents putting off retirement or worse yet, taking a second job to support their post college children. OMFG (116 replies)
    posted 22 hr 17 min ago in Toddler
  25. What non PC opinions do you have that you can't share in polite society (115 replies)
    posted 3-31-2019 6:57pm in Toddler