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  1. This post has been deleted. (204 replies)
    posted 3-29-2021 12:19am in Toddler
  2. I am one hundred percent sure that those immigrant kids being held at the border are being treated way better and more humanely than they were under Trump (198 replies)
    posted 3-24-2021 3:46pm in Toddler
  3. Raising Taxes on Wealthy Americans and Corporations to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is OK With Over 1 in 2 Voters... (195 replies)
    posted 4-2-2021 2:07pm in Toddler
  4. Are most moms of college dcs entitled Karen types? I'm kind of disappointed in what I'm seeing in my dc's college parent FB group. (182 replies)
    posted 4-3-2021 11:49pm in Toddler
  5. We need this bill that would mandate automatic voter registration nationwide, expand early and mail-in voting, end gerrymandering that skews congressional districts for... (180 replies)
    posted 3-27-2021 10:51am in Toddler
  6. First time college applications. I can't believe who to it and who did not. seems so random - like friend's dc got into BC Colgate and Tulane (with $$) but rejected at Villanova? (172 replies)
    posted 4-12-2021 9:33am in Toddler
  7. So stressful being Black in this country. We are an upstanding umc family but yet ppl see us as threats. so freakin unfair (170 replies)
    posted 4-14-2021 7:17am in Toddler
  8. The Women Making Conspiracy Theories Beautiful - How the domestic aesthetics of Instagram repackage QAnon for the masses... (166 replies)
    posted 4-6-2021 10:25am in Toddler
  9. Why do people here go nuts for Brown? I thought it was all about selectivity and rank on this board. Brown, while insanely selective, is NOT as selective as Harvard, Yale,... (164 replies)
    posted 4-8-2021 11:02am in Toddler
  10. Grace Meng just rips Roy. "Your president, and your party, and your colleagues can talk about issues with any other country that you want. But you don't have to do it by... (158 replies)
    posted 3-20-2021 10:31am in Toddler
  11. Sociological research can change public policy I've spent 10 years challenging the claim that taxes make rich people leave - it's simply not true... (155 replies)
    posted 4-16-2021 10:42am in Toddler
  12. It is important to remember that the right is pushing hate against minorities, immigrants, people of color - even if the person committing the attack is a person of color (153 replies)
    posted 3-30-2021 10:12am in Toddler
  13. This post has been deleted. (150 replies)
    posted 4-14-2021 9:04pm in Toddler
  14. Is buying an apt in the burbs not something to consider ? Prices are insane for houses right now I just can't overpay by 300k (,kids are young, worried we are doing a disservice... (148 replies)
    posted 4-11-2021 7:49pm in Toddler
  15. Is there a job that you do not respect? (148 replies)
    posted 4-9-2021 3:33pm in Toddler
  16. If your net worth was 5-10 mil and your brother suddenly died leaving behind a large mortgage, debt and no life insurance, how would you help your SIL and kids? SIL works but... (148 replies)
    posted 3-21-2021 4:34pm in Toddler
  17. 15 yo DS is depressed, in therapy and on meds. Very oppositional. Refuses to do most things including homework and hygiene. I let most things go but teeth brushing and bathing... (147 replies)
    posted 23 hr 14 min ago in Toddler
  18. What were your senior dc’s acceptances/Waitlists/Rejections this year? (143 replies)
    posted 4-3-2021 7:47pm in Toddler
  19. Single most embarrassng moment of your life? I've had a tough day, need a laugh. (142 replies)
    posted 4-15-2021 5:20pm in Toddler
  20. True or false. A woman who froze embryos with her husband at 34 and used that embryo at age 42 would likely have a healthier pregnancy than trying to get pregnant naturally at 42... (141 replies)
    posted 4-12-2021 4:57pm in Toddler
  21. Anyone hear about the senior who got expelled from a TT NYC school for something to do with nude pics of female classmates? (140 replies)
    posted 4-9-2021 5:30pm in Toddler
  22. I know a hs junior verbally committed to Harvard as an athlete . She committed late fall of junior year. Can’t even imagine (139 replies)
    posted 3-20-2021 3:24pm in Toddler
  23. Did you read Andrew Gutman's letter about Brearly? OMG. (137 replies)
    posted 4-16-2021 8:38pm in Toddler
  24. COVID-19 ‘spreading like wildfire’ despite increasing vaccination numbers... (131 replies)
    posted 4-12-2021 9:59am in Toddler
  25. After how long in marriage therapy with the issue still not resolved would you conclude that after this long and therapy and no resolution, it's safe to assume that more therapy... (131 replies)
    posted 4-2-2021 3:32pm in Toddler