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  1. What did DH do for his Bachelor Party? (353 replies)
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  2. Something happened after the Anita Hill testimony. Although Clarence Thomas and many in the media at the time denigrated her as a liar who was being paid by the Democrats to... (99 replies)
    posted 19 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  3. God, we just can't get ahead. We don't live extravagantly, still recovering from housing bust 10 years ago, but jesus, we bring home 10K a month and by the time we pay... (95 replies)
    posted 21 hr 4 min ago in Toddler
  4. Why do parents want to send their kids to these high end prep schools? such a douchey entitled vibe (90 replies)
    posted 7 hr 1 min ago in Toddler
  5. This post has been deleted. (85 replies)
    posted 10 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  6. Please absolve me of my breastfeeding guilt. Formula is not poison. Itís fine. I hate hate hate breastfeeding and thatís ok. Right? (80 replies)
    posted 9 hr 40 min ago in Toddler
  7. Dr. Ford either need to shit or get off the pot (as my mother would say)! (79 replies)
    posted 6 hr 24 min ago in Toddler
  8. Iím pissed at all this grandstanding and hyperventilating about Kavanaugh. The time to do that was in the damn voting booth. What did you think was going to happen when the Repugs... (76 replies)
    posted 7 hr 44 min ago in Toddler
  9. I find it so odd how people are insistent on their views of titles, etc. Is it really that hard to call people what they want to be called? Seems like a simple nod of respect. (73 replies)
    posted 9 hr ago in Toddler
  10. What is your favorite speech ever given, by whom, and why? Mine is the Gettysburg Address, short, simple, and embodies great universal ideals (69 replies)
    posted 9 hr 15 min ago in Toddler
  11. Hilaria Baldwin got a call that her son was at the ER but she still did a red carpet because she has "such a work ethic." WTF. WT actual F. (69 replies)
    posted 10 hr 56 min ago in Toddler
  12. Is it wrong that I don't really care if he did it or not? He can't be confirmed at this point. It would be wrong. (68 replies)
    posted 7 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  13. I am becoming a conservative. and i don't support trump. anyone else? (66 replies)
    posted 8 hr 17 min ago in Toddler
  14. 12yo ate fruit for breakfast today and then went to get a coffee with a friend, forgot to order decaf and has been feeling sick to her stomach ever since. I made her dry toast and... (65 replies)
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  15. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Dh told his sister, and she immediately texted me saying she was sorry to hear and to let her know if i need anything over next few weeks.... (65 replies)
    posted 10 hr 37 min ago in Toddler
  16. United Airlines just announced it is going from 5 boarding groups to 2, trying to cut down on people crowding the gates awaiting boarding. it will still be a shitshow. (63 replies)
    posted 3 hr 32 min ago in Toddler
  17. Number of times you have been truly "in love" in your life? (63 replies)
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  18. Just dropped dd off at a playdate and the mom mentioned she voted for Trump. What in the actual fuck. Why would she tell me that? I really don't want to fucking know (63 replies)
    posted 9 hr 22 min ago in Toddler
  19. So men can wait 36 years to report being raped by a priest as a boy...but if a woman waits 36 years, it shouldn't count? (62 replies)
    posted 3 hr 19 min ago in Toddler
  20. Someone just responded to my craigslist ad and called me a "stupid bitch." they did not use anonymous email. can I subpoena their ISP to get their identity for harassment even if... (60 replies)
    posted 8 hr 21 min ago in Toddler
  21. Kid is new at one of the very good nyc private schools (K student). she already had the exact same reading curriculum they offer this year and keeps saying things like, "why do i... (59 replies)
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  22. ďA full investigation by law enforcement officials will ensure that the crucial facts and witnesses in this matter are assessed in a non-partisan manner, and that the... (59 replies)
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  23. What would you think of a guy going through a divorce who hasn't worked in four years, is fighting for 50% custody? He says he hasn't worked bc he wants a job he is passionate... (58 replies)
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  24. The amount of time I have to spend doing hair as a black mother of 3 girls is not fair. (58 replies)
    posted 4 hr 51 min ago in Toddler
  25. I love that they are calling Ford "Doctor." I have a PhD and DSc and no one outside of work calls me "Doctor." (58 replies)
    posted 9 hr 30 min ago in Toddler