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  1. My dd is a sophomore in Hs, last of 3 kids. Just heard from another mom that she’s been hearing lots of sophomore are sitting for the May SAT. For quite a few this is their 2nd or... (88 replies)
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  2. Shattered by the Sandy Hook parent suicide. Why will the US not ban semiautomatic weapons???? (88 replies)
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  3. Why is IF such a trigger for some of you? 90% of you are either...good for you/i get it but that 10%...its makes them so mad. (77 replies)
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  4. Neither dh or I have ever been materialistic. We have a basic small house, practical cars, shop for clothes at places like Kohls or Dress Barn (me), take 1 vacation a year and are... (75 replies)
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  5. I’ve made a decision. I won’t buy any workout clothes without pockets, anymore. I hate having to fiddle with where to put my phone! (73 replies)
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  6. We made an offer to a FT nanny back in November. $52K/year, 2 weeks vacation, 8 paid holidays, etc. (not NYC, by the way). She turned us down and now it isn't working out at her... (73 replies)
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  7. My dd has been eating bowl of ice cream every night. I told her she should stop because it’s not healthy, especially at 8:30pm. She started crying but agreed she should make... (73 replies)
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  8. I have a tenant renting our summer home whose lease ends May 15. recently every exchange with her involves her mentioning how ill she is and how she has been under the weather.... (72 replies)
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  9. Whoa! No holds barred comment from NYT today: The black schools of DC are a disaster. The black schools of Baltimore are a disaster.... (63 replies)
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  10. This post has been deleted. (63 replies)
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  11. This post has been deleted. (61 replies)
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  12. Need some college list help for sophomore dd . She’s a recruited athlete (soccer), wants mid Atlantic or ne medium sized school. 4.4 GPa, all honors, wants physical therapy.... (60 replies)
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  13. 12yo dd didn't make the tennis team. She has tried out for some many things in middle school. The play, volleyball, tennis, student council. She doesn't get into any of it. I'm... (60 replies)
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  14. Is this not the most gorgeous exterior of a home?... (60 replies)
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  15. Breaking, NYT: Rockland County, New York, will declare a state of emergency over New York’s worst measles outbreak in decades, barring unvaccinated minors from public places... (59 replies)
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  16. What's the problem with having an ID to vote? (59 replies)
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  17. Would you take a 17K pay cut for a less stressful, more fulfilling job? (58 replies)
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  18. Weirdest thing happened today. My neighbors DH passed away (53, suddenly) The funeral was this morning . Before the funeral the son (neighbors) son and DS best friend) came... (57 replies)
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  19. Things would be a lot better if colleges didnt make their acceptance rate and application numbers public. then kids will choose based on the right reasons. (57 replies)
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  20. Court tonight for dwi (please don't flame, i know i fucked up.) so nervous. so ashamed. (56 replies)
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  21. Fact: c students can get into 4 year colleges. relax a little. (55 replies)
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  22. I was pretty rude to dh last night and I feel a little guilty today. I even said to myself, "You brat. You and kids want for nothing because of him." Here's the thing, he's been... (55 replies)
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  23. Not sure what Rachel Maddow will do now that Russian collusion is debunked. I think she'll have to sit in silence for 90 percent of her show. Maybe crying (52 replies)
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  24. Black people HATE smollett (52 replies)
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  25. I'm so fucking sick and tired of the almost daily emails about my 8yo ds's behavior. School knows I have him seeing a therapist and am getting him evaluated. Teachers filled out... (51 replies)
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