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  1. I love the "my kids won't listen" parents. They will listen. you just dont make them. All those toys, games, phones, food, etc you give them every day. Oh... you don't want to... (148 replies)
    posted 6 hr 56 min ago in Toddler
  2. Game: i'm going to list celebrities i've met and you tell me if you think they are nice or jerks, then i will tell you the answer... (131 replies)
    posted 5 hr 55 min ago in Toddler
  3. Most racist situation you have ever encountered? (121 replies)
    posted 12 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  4. Anyone have a good website that explains Jewish religion or difference between Jews and Christians with specific example from bible? TIA (116 replies)
    posted 12 hr 59 min ago in Toddler
  5. Tell us something that would really annoy us about you. No flames. (105 replies)
    posted 13 hr 46 min ago in Toddler
  6. What's the consensus here about whether it's OK for a DH to have a locked-up, password protected phone? (101 replies)
    posted 11 hr 39 min ago in Toddler
  7. In a bad custody fight right now. on fridayIpicked up the kids and was making chit chat about their week and they told me "daddy said not to tell you". WTF. WWYD? (99 replies)
    posted 7 hr 36 min ago in Toddler
  8. Name something random about you that would get you flamed on here (86 replies)
    posted 7 hr 26 min ago in Toddler
  9. What are the quintessential rich kid camps? (85 replies)
    posted 8 hr 7 min ago in Toddler
  10. Clinton just hired DWS? WTF is wrong with her? (77 replies)
    posted 7 hr 14 min ago in Toddler
  11. Wait wait wait. Clinton just hired DWS?!? Wasserman Schultz’s new job will be to act as honorary chairman of the Clinton campaign’s “50-state” program. Is Clinton insane or just... (73 replies)
    posted 9 hr 56 min ago in Toddler
  12. Need advice. I posted earlier but my post got hijacked by a couple of DWs whose DHs cheated on them habitually. I don't know for sure that my DH is cheating. However:... (72 replies)
    posted 6 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  13. I'm an orthodox woman who had an excellent education. Earlier today someone on here kept insisting I was not well educated. It was so obnoxious. (71 replies)
    posted 9 hr 39 min ago in Toddler
  14. You know, trump is going to win because of this emails thing with bernie. His voters are gone. I know yb won't admit it, and will continuously defend anything clinto related, but... (71 replies)
    posted 18 hr 4 min ago in Toddler
  15. It was rigged- sanders didn't stand a chance. I am glad Wasserman Shultz resigned. (67 replies)
    posted 12 hr 8 min ago in Toddler
  16. I have run into a major celebrity and her children on several occasions. they all have super amazing manners and say pardon me, excuse me, etc. if you see them on the street.... (65 replies)
    posted 6 hr 10 min ago in Toddler
  17. If it's bedtime and your child refuses to go to their room, what do you do? You've told them numerous times. They refuse and are being defiant. Would you not pick them up... (61 replies)
    posted 7 hr 22 min ago in Toddler
  18. Wow, I really fucked up my life by marrying the wrong man. I'm so paralyzed right now, have no idea what to do. (61 replies)
    posted 10 hr 25 min ago in Toddler
  19. Tell me about the lowest point of your did you recover? (60 replies)
    posted 19 hr 37 min ago in Toddler
  20. Who did you think was a hot guy when you were a teen, and then we will guess your age (55 replies)
    posted 9 hr 27 min ago in Toddler
  21. Middle aged moms in the burbs have tattoos now. doesn't that mean they aren't cool anymore? (55 replies)
    posted 15 hr 11 min ago in Toddler
  22. Do your kids really refuse to do what is asked of them? Mine are by no means docile (I had to boys), but they do not refuse. (54 replies)
    posted 7 hr 16 min ago in Toddler
  23. So you guys still don't give me permission to sleep with the 'almost 20 yo' surfer who flirted with me on the beach all last summer? he's back.... (54 replies)
    posted 12 hr 50 min ago in Toddler
  24. Ivanka Trump looked amazing during her speech. And she looked amazing in a dress that costs just $138. One she designed from her line. (53 replies)
    posted 19 hr 18 min ago in Toddler
  25. Mom whose dh took kids to beach-he just texted me this pic of dd. her bottom lip is SWOLLEN. no known allergies-she did eat nuts last night but we eat nuts all the time. he went... (53 replies)
    posted 19 hr 58 min ago in Toddler