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  2. The War on Critical Race Theory Turning a blind eye to the realities of racial injustice, the highly orchestrated right-wing attacks cast a body of scholarship about... (114 replies)
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  3. I know an ADA in Brooklyn and he told me bc of the anti cop sentiment, grand juries are dismissing a lot of gun cases. The people are focusing on the cops instead of the illegal... (111 replies)
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  4. BTDT: I see so many parents paying $$$$ for ECs that actually hurt their DC's college chance. Listing some here. Pls add: (102 replies)
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  5. What would one need to retire at age 62? My home paid off, have cash, savings, kids are older, no debt. Could one live on $1000 a month in a souther state perhaps? (90 replies)
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  6. So harder to get into top college this year than in the past? if no SAT requirement how do you distinguish yourself? (85 replies)
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  7. Many kids are really behind this year in school, I wish they stop making it like its the kids fault (76 replies)
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  8. I'm having a hard time because of a situation with my elderly cat. (74 replies)
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  9. Found pot vape in ds room last night. I have punished, yelled, been supportive, tightened the reigns and then loosened them, taken him to a therapist, taken myself to a... (69 replies)
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  11. My dd is not jazzed about college but her bf is a top student and is homeless. I think I can help her get a full financial ride at a good school (64 replies)
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  12. People think covid is over. I know of 2 people who have been put on ventilators recently. I am fully vaccinated but its still scary (63 replies)
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  13. Is Liz Cheney a real republican? (62 replies)
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  14. My friend's adult dd 31 won't leave her mom's house, but she also blames her mom for everything wrong in her life. She argues about giving her mother money for rent, food, etc.... (62 replies)
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  16. How can we solve the homeless crisis in the US? It's never been so dire. (59 replies)
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  17. I live in the same apartment building as ex-DH and our children. We have a family apartment (kids stay there) and DH and I each own a studio that is our retreat when we are not on... (58 replies)
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  18. My Divorced BF would constantly bash his ex when we met. She’s crazy, she’s not smart, they had no sex life, she was lazy. He would go to me for all advice work, finances,... (57 replies)
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  19. Summer of terrorism in NYC. Just wait (57 replies)
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  20. Do you know people who are fully vaxed still hesitant to do stuff ? Like get on a plane , go to public places ect? (57 replies)
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  21. Inlaws want to give dh a big financial gift. We don't want, nor need just feels really awkward to accept it. Fwiw, they gave sil a big gift several years ago and then... (56 replies)
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  22. All of these shootings in Manhattan. Are we headed back to the 79’s? (55 replies)
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  23. What's the hardest thing about your marriage? (54 replies)
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  24. I know college kids go through lots of changes in their belief systems, but to have a formerly happy child (now adult) call her childhood toxic was unexpected. It was the most... (51 replies)
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  25. What is Breezy Point like? (51 replies)
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