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  1. This post has been deleted. (261 replies)
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  2. How do you think protests will end? (105 replies)
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  3. Right on cue, here's trump whining like a bitch over the proposed name changes for the washington redskins and the cleveland indians:... (92 replies)
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  4. Apparently I’ve been under a rock, had no idea Hamilton had this hip hop spin (79 replies)
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  5. I have a gf whose dc is at shs and has high grades, good but not great sat scores and nothing else going for him as far as ecs. He is only applying to top 20 schools. Is this... (72 replies)
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  6. DH still wants to go to South Carolina in two weeks. I said I am not going, and I would prefer the kids not go. He says I don’t have the right to keep the kids home and he has... (72 replies)
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  7. This post has been deleted. (67 replies)
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  8. OMG--has the TIkTokker who lost her job at Deloitte for her video about all lives matter been discussed yet? (67 replies)
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  9. Did Italy and France and Spain and Germany intend to erradicate Covid? (67 replies)
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  10. Would your kid pick Cornell, penn, duke or Vanderbilt I’d had choice (61 replies)
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  11. If you have a child that is slightly overweight compared to peers, but noticeable so, how do you handle? At what point do you just let them eat the crap that they are constantly... (59 replies)
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  12. Hamilton on Disney is so freaking good (54 replies)
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  13. Nyc moms - if you could do it, would you love out now? Or do you still think you’ll enjoy life here moving forward, whatever it looks like (54 replies)
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  14. Why is there so much cruise ship hate on here? I mean, even pre-Covid (53 replies)
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  15. I am stressed beyond belief. My mom may have covid. Please send me good thoughts (53 replies)
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  16. WWYD if you were accidentally pregnant at 50, not married, single, by someone who is a friend that you occassionally sleep with but he has already told you he does not want a baby... (52 replies)
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  17. Do you believe that different races or ethnic groups have different characteristics (strength, body size, IQ)? (50 replies)
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  18. Please let Dershowitz go down. The man is evil. (49 replies)
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  19. Should dd physically go back to college this fall if they allow? (49 replies)
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  20. Can someone please explain what BLM is trying to accomplish in terms of legislation? I understand the symbolism of the marches and the demand for racial justice etc. but how will... (48 replies)
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  21. Do you go on vacation to resorts that are not diverse? MOstly white (47 replies)
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  22. Your top 3 election issue last go: (47 replies)
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  23. Someone said the UB people are setting up a site of their own, are any of them also YBers? (46 replies)
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  24. Ghislaine is reportedly going to talk, a lot, about big names. but apparently not prince andrew. who then? (45 replies)
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  25. Oh they're charging Amy Cooper. I don't like her but this is too much.... (45 replies)
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