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  1. Bringing two 14 year olds to NYC for the first time at the end of June. They want to see the basics: statue of liberty, empire state building. Other suggestions? I was thinking:... (105 replies)
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  2. 3.6 GPA (unweighted) and 1260 SAT, good extracurrics. Name some New England and NY and CT colleges dd should target. (88 replies)
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  3. This post has been deleted. (79 replies)
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  4. I always my ILs had tons of money, but were insanely cheap. It's fine to not live ostentatiously but they are legit cheap in a bad way. Anyway, i found out the actual number of... (76 replies)
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  5. What professions beside finance and engineering you can go with only bachelor degree nowdays? (76 replies)
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  6. How old are your kids and how old are you? Doing a "poll" to see if we're really as old as everyone says (and no, I know it's not a real poll) (72 replies)
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  7. Thoughts on northwestern? Pros and cons (72 replies)
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  8. Do you know any teenagers who create their own drama and then have to clean up their mess afterward? My dd has a friend who will do this a couple times a year. This past Thursday... (72 replies)
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  9. Which state would you recommend moving to if the only goal is to gain access to in state tuition at the best publics kids can actually get into?... (72 replies)
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  10. My son watched 30 minutes of debate and said he couldn't stand Pete.Said he was cocky, bully like. My son knows nothing. Interesting. about him. (70 replies)
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  11. Only three US states can test for coronavirus, says public lab group (67 replies)
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  12. When did you get your dc a smartphone? (67 replies)
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  13. So last night it became clear that someone from my town knows me here. I can't believe this happened given the relatively small amount of posters here, and the relatively small... (66 replies)
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  14. Is this SN or on spectrum of “normal” just bratty? My 11yo panicked that we would be late to basketball, started yelling in the house at her younger sister, then yelled at me in... (63 replies)
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  15. I know an immunologist who says this is all being blown out of proportion. This is like a year with a bad flu epidemic. No more, no less. The market is correcting (in my... (59 replies)
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  16. 4.3 gpa and 1570 SAT. U of Chicago material? (58 replies)
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  17. I feel like all my life I have been put down in big and small ways, but nothing that was really abusive, just constant digs. How do you get over this? It's not like I have big... (55 replies)
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  18. Coronavirus mortality rates (estimates):... (54 replies)
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  19. Anyone here with dc at LaGuardia? Do they like it? How is the new principal? (52 replies)
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  20. You guys are freaking me out. I cannot believe how hard its gotten to get into a good college. (52 replies)
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  21. I wish I could force the women here to take a remedial math class. (50 replies)
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  22. The water bottle trend is totally a style thing. Goes with athleisure. We’re all so healthy and optimized that we’re hydrating all. the. time. I’m almost 60 and remember the time... (50 replies)
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  23. Wait, what’s the big deal if you know someone IRL on here? (49 replies)
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  24. My dinner is sautéed riced cauliflower with Rao’s sauce and shrimp . Not bad (48 replies)
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  25. What's a possible major in college/career thoughts for a high school junior who loves travel, particularly foreign. He likes learning about other cultures, the food, how people... (48 replies)
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