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  1. Going to Spain and dh's cousin has a bank account int he states and wants us to take out 4000 dollars in our bank account and bring it with us and then write us a check. i am... (94 replies)
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  2. Success Academy colleges acceptance list for first graduating class... (91 replies)
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  3. This post has been deleted. (89 replies)
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  4. College consultant here any questions? (86 replies)
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  5. My relationship ended. it was toxic, he had issues, depression, personality disorder. i tried my best and gave so much. we broke up mutually. now he just slanders me wherever he... (73 replies)
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  6. Ambien is really scary. I have been taking it on and off for years but lately when I take it, I black out and do some crazy shit like sext old boyfriends, call old coworkers. buy... (72 replies)
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  7. My child got bad teacher recs and did not get into private school because of them. I'm so upset because he is in 5th and I have never had one call from the school about any of... (69 replies)
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  8. I love European eyes and noses and boobs, I love Asian petiteness and hair, and black lips and butts. We all also have our respective negatives. And I think the natural tan that... (65 replies)
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  9. Besides confiscating all guns and repealing 2, what action will stop school shootings (65 replies)
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  10. Would you be in favor of the pines (gay part of fire island) being aggressively marketed to young, straight families to change its image? (62 replies)
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  11. Who else is gay that I don't know about who has a beard? (57 replies)
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  12. If you send your kids to NYC public schools, you should not like Cynthia Nixon. She has expressed support for dezoning elementary schools, getting rid of SHSAT, and removing... (55 replies)
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  13. I sometimes feel like NO ONE’s kids struggle academically. Even the kids we know with SN are all like little sheldon coopers—- weird but stilll smart. I have a kid who is barely... (55 replies)
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  14. Open a charter school in Chinatown. I bet you get 100% graduation rate with 90% of students who began in elementary. I say it's the population of students you're teaching rather... (55 replies)
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  15. How strict/protective were you of your newborn? DD, 12, has a friend whose stepmom just had a baby. She's complaining that the mom won't take the baby out of the house, makes the... (55 replies)
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  16. Do you ever ask to hold another person's baby under 6months old? (55 replies)
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  17. How would you handle another girl cutting your daughters hair I’m school? This happened to my niece and she is devastated. (52 replies)
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  18. I look fantastic in ivory. would it be weird to wear that color to a wedding? 4pm out on the lawn in Stowe, VT in August (52 replies)
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  19. Were you a stellar athlete in high school? Did you go to a top undergraduate program like an Ivy or equivalent? (51 replies)
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  20. DD starting middle school next year. She's on the higher side of average academically and very happy socially. Lots of nice, sweet friends. The middle school is a pressure cooker... (49 replies)
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  21. Those of you with 2 or more kids under 10, world your car be trashed after a 4 hour car ride with the kids? (49 replies)
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  22. What is with this photo shoots (pre bat mitzvah) of the girls leaning up against walls, light posts etc? its' such an odd pose to me and i see it all the time!... (48 replies)
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  23. My parents both died. I have gotten used to it, but I just wish I knew where they went, if they went anywhere at all. (47 replies)
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  24. My 7th grade son is 5ft 5 and 170 lbs. He eats like a horse. My other son is 4ft 8 or 9 and must weigh around 135 lbs. (47 replies)
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  25. I thought I was having a sex only relationship with this guy, but he seems to want to go out dinner during the week when I can't come over on the weekends ( he has his kids every... (45 replies)
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