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  1. I cannot believe people who make 500K would spend 1.5M plus on a house. So crazy to me. We make close to 2M HHI and our max budget was 2.3 which seems like so much money to me!... (182 replies)
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  2. I am not a perfect parent and have many flaws. However I have limits--basically I wouldn't curse at them or hit them or neglect them. The bar for my "limits" is kind of low.... (131 replies)
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  3. I've never paid attention to 9/11 conspiracy before, but i did do some reading, and there is too much compelling evidence. There was no reason for 7 wtc to have collapsed the way... (106 replies)
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  4. Would you live in nj? (99 replies)
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  5. I have been WAH pt for a long time now. Our lives are happy and relaxed, I get to be around for the kids, but my career is going nowhere. Now it looks like a big FT job is falling... (98 replies)
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  6. Do your step-kids like you? (98 replies)
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  7. I'm orthodox and have smoke detectors in every bedroom or outside the bedroom (one is a co2 detector, one a smoke detector), we have smoke and co2 detectors on main floor snd... (90 replies)
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  8. My brother bought in DUMBO 10 years ago. Apparently he just found out that his dd has a 50-50 chance of getting into the local public for K this september--and could be placed... (86 replies)
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  9. Ds has allowed his girlfriend to move into his 1 bedroom apartment RENT FREE. I have told him this isn't fair to him and he told not to screw things up for him. They're both 19,... (82 replies)
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  10. Why did Ellen Pao lose? (81 replies)
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  11. These are men i would never marry: men who spend more than 1/2 per day on their appearance, men who play video games, men who would rather go to a sports event than a play or... (79 replies)
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  12. Hypothetical - your hhi is around 500k, your housing budget around 1.5 mill. What burbs would you look at? (74 replies)
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  13. Just read NYT piece on the Orthodox community running out for smoke detectors. I'm a Jew (very reform), but honestly, how could ANYONE keep an oven, warmer, or anything of the... (74 replies)
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  14. Dh and i got into an argument about spring break. his take on it is that it's inevitable that anyone's kids will try to do that gross florida thing (we have 2 dds.) my argument is... (70 replies)
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  15. Iran has a reputation for being anti jew and anti woman. It has a jewish mp and jews have guaranteed protection in the constitution. Irans women are the most educated women on... (66 replies)
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  16. How much does it cost where you live to get a 3-bedroom home with a yard that is in good condition (not an HGTV showcase) and zoned to excellent public schools? where do you live? (64 replies)
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  17. Bill de blasio has been in office how long now? two years? three years? when the hell is his term up? (64 replies)
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  18. Would you consider jarred tomato sauce and packaged meatballs junk food? (63 replies)
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  19. One thing I've noticed about parents is that they inject far too much of themselves and their own preferences into dc's college decisions. Let dc decide what type of location... (59 replies)
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  20. Who's your latest celeb crush? (58 replies)
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  21. Did someone say people in the UK look down on Americans? so funny, I assume they all want to be us instead of being on that dreary damp island (57 replies)
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  22. Nothing skeeves me out more than the "over the knee; bare bottom" spankers here (57 replies)
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  23. Have you ever had success in taking processed foods out of your dc's diet in order to reduce emotional/behavioral issues due to ADHD? (56 replies)
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  24. Dh's father says really nasty things to his wife (dh's stepmom). Just OTT nasty things over very small annoyances. Although dh does not see his father very often since they moved... (56 replies)
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  25. Flight Attendant here. Any questions? (55 replies)
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