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  1. Anyone on here have an affair and was caught? How did it work out for you? (122 replies)
    posted 8 hr 44 min ago in Toddler
  2. I know I'll be flamed and only a handful of you will believe me, but I was married a few days ago (at the courthouse, small and private).... (103 replies)
    posted 8 hr 51 min ago in Toddler
  3. We all got our periods at 16. We all worked from when we were 14 on. We all paid for at least part of our college educations. We all worked hard and got married to no good jerks... (93 replies)
    posted 8 hr 19 min ago in Toddler
  4. Be honest. Would you bring in a candidate to interview if you knew she was 3 mo pg? She claims she wants to keep working. (76 replies)
    posted 10 hr 10 min ago in Toddler
  5. Did you read this thing in nyt about screen addiction?... (74 replies)
    posted 7 hr 52 min ago in Toddler
  6. Separating DH here. DW's relationship with YBM is among primary reasons marriage failed. harvested insecurity and lack of trust. really sad. (70 replies)
    posted 18 hr 2 min ago in Toddler
  7. I just cannot believe how some parents let their teen dds dress. The girls don't have jobs so the parents have to be paying for it, just ridiculous. 14 yo girls who could be... (70 replies)
    posted 20 hr 58 min ago in Toddler
  8. Who here has a crazy family member? tell me about them (68 replies)
    posted 8 hr 10 min ago in Toddler
  9. I don't get what is extreme about wanting single payer healthcare (65 replies)
    posted 14 hr 4 min ago in Toddler
  10. We are going on a trip with another family. Our oldest dds are friends but in different high schools and the other mom suggested we see some colleges on the trip. But our dds... (65 replies)
    posted 18 hr 16 min ago in Toddler
  11. My dad and his best friend were/are both rich bankers. HIs friend bought his daughter an apartment in Fort Greene way before it was cool--she liked the neighborhood, she's alterna... (64 replies)
    posted 8 hr 32 min ago in Toddler
  12. My dearest friend ever came over for 4th of July. Her 16yo dd was wearing the shortest shorts you can imagine. I have no balls because it took me a few drinks to say "why is my... (64 replies)
    posted 14 hr 21 min ago in Toddler
  13. Well, I'm an older feminist, missed the "power feminism" thing. I get that women should be able to use and display their sexuality, but it kind of baffles me that people don't... (63 replies)
    posted 20 hr 28 min ago in Toddler
  14. If you had a boring last name like smith what would you name dd (60 replies)
    posted 10 hr 3 min ago in Toddler
  15. Just dropped my dc (15, 17, 19) at JFK. They're going to Italy by themselves. Now I'm freaking the fuck out (60 replies)
    posted 12 hr 27 min ago in Toddler
  16. How many years do you think injectibles can take off your face? (60 replies)
    posted 18 hr 29 min ago in Toddler
  17. Trump would be a good president. flame away. (59 replies)
    posted 11 hr 50 min ago in Toddler
  18. My dc are allowed to wear whatever they like and always have. I let them dress themselves from the age of 4. It's their bodies. It is how I was raised and I turned out great (59 replies)
    posted 20 hr 52 min ago in Toddler
  19. I'm upset. Dd started camp yesterday and her roommate upon seeing her requested a new roommate. Someone who is "American." Did was born and raised here. I'm assuming the kid... (58 replies)
    posted 11 hr 21 min ago in Toddler
  20. Here is a classic Jane about talking to your babies:... (57 replies)
    posted 21 hr 3 min ago in Toddler
  21. What is the difference between an expat and an immigrant? (56 replies)
    posted 12 hr ago in Toddler
  22. We recently hired a nanny and I have to discuss something with her. I always have a tough time bc in reality this is a delicate relationship and she is taking care of our kids,... (55 replies)
    posted 20 hr 44 min ago in Toddler
  23. I cannot stand smug Jane Brody. She writes from such privilege and she is so obtuse about so many things. Her kids, I am sure, are not suprised by her writing. (54 replies)
    posted 21 hr 22 min ago in Toddler
  24. I will never get chinese culture, how old are you? single? rich? All in the first 5 min. and they are LOUD (53 replies)
    posted 18 hr 5 min ago in Toddler
  25. The confederate flag should be consigned to a museum. That said, I get why some southern whites have their backs up. Too many Yankee scolds telling them what to do (53 replies)
    posted 21 hr 59 min ago in Toddler