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  1. I may never remarry my long term boyfriend but he is my partner and if he doens't get invited to things with me at this point I wouldn't go. (144 replies)
    posted 1 hr 36 min ago in Toddler
  2. At what age do kids start telling other kids that they are fat? (126 replies)
    posted 11 hr 38 min ago in Toddler
  3. Df recently disclosed to me that she was having an affair. I cannot help but think less of her - though I want to help her. any advice? (120 replies)
    posted 5 hr 27 min ago in Toddler
  4. What irks me MORE than parents who say mmr vaccine def. causes asd, are the ones who say it def. does NOT. the truth is, we do not know. maybe it affects certain people and not... (97 replies)
    posted 4 hr 32 min ago in Toddler
  5. I never mention to anyone where I went to college. I think I am ashamed. (86 replies)
    posted 23 hr 34 min ago in Toddler
  6. Do you think Obama has been an exceptional, mediocre or terrible president all things considered? (84 replies)
    posted 7 hr 3 min ago in Toddler
  7. Did anyone else watch the Foley beheading video? I watched a similar video about ten years ago and it didn't get to me. It was also really grainy and confusing. This one was like... (78 replies)
    posted 4 hr 56 min ago in Toddler
  8. My hands are becoming useless and no one (orthopedic surgeon, neurologist) seem to know what going on. Have spinal cord compression but they don't think that's in. (71 replies)
    posted 24 min ago in Toddler
  9. Are you going to teach your dc to trust cops? What race are you? (70 replies)
    posted 23 hr 27 min ago in Toddler
  10. Ok.this woman on Extreme Parenting is crazy.poor kid. (68 replies)
    posted 21 hr 45 min ago in Toddler
  11. 5'10'' - you think this is ghastly thin and really underweight? (and i know you prefer sophia vergara curves, but we're not all born with those.) also, curious what you'd gues... (68 replies)
    posted 23 hr 4 min ago in Toddler
  12. I feel bad for ds. His shorts didn't have pockets so he asked his BFF to hold his phone - and friend lost it. DS is so sad (he worked hard to get that phone) and there's no way... (66 replies)
    posted 10 hr 8 min ago in Toddler
  13. So i found out through a cousin that my niece is totally slutty. i won't say anything to my sister as the kid is an adult in college and it would freak out my sister but i am... (64 replies)
    posted 5 hr 18 min ago in Toddler
  14. So I poked around to find out more about the male 3rd grade teacher ds got. Came from another school last yr. His wife died of uterine cancer at age 40 and they have a 6 yr old.... (63 replies)
    posted 9 hr 42 min ago in Toddler
  15. I am a single working mom and all of my friends are sahm, married, and don't work. I have 3 close friends and when I am tired and worn out, I am jealous of them :( (63 replies)
    posted 22 hr ago in Toddler
  16. Funny story, somewhat. Many years ago, on the day or our wedding, I learned that it was also my MIL's birthday. Not only that, it was her 55th birthday. So now every time we have... (60 replies)
    posted 3 hr 54 min ago in Toddler
  17. Isn't it funny how the people on my FB feed praising the cops in Ferguson and "defending" the police for shooting an unarmed kid, are all white right-wingers? And the dumbest... (60 replies)
    posted 6 hr 51 min ago in Toddler
  18. I would never say this IRL... (60 replies)
    posted 22 hr 7 min ago in Toddler
  19. Getting back to teachers on FB. What would you think of a 5th grade teacher that has FB page and lists himself as a comedian instead of teacher. Also has beer/breweries liked (59 replies)
    posted 5 hr 12 min ago in Toddler
  20. Do you own more than one pair of the same shoe? What shoe and what colors? (59 replies)
    posted 22 hr 54 min ago in Toddler
  21. Let's say you could go anywhere in the US and start over, but need good school, not expensive, close to ocean, where would you go? (58 replies)
    posted 53 min ago in Toddler
  22. What do you think about an elementary school principal requesting flexibility to work at home when needed? (58 replies)
    posted 5 hr 44 min ago in Toddler
  23. If you can't afford your desired space or location in manhattan, you move to Brooklyn. (58 replies)
    posted 6 hr 17 min ago in Toddler
  24. Having guests on LD weekend - we have a pool, a badminton set, a tetherball, and a soccer ball. There will be 45 kids, 8yo and younger. DO I need to plan activities? Or can they... (58 replies)
    posted 8 hr 50 min ago in Toddler
  25. Mark my words, we are going to be in an all out war with ISIS (57 replies)
    posted 7 hr 20 min ago in Toddler