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  1. Exdh's 2nd wife is 24. He is 41. I am 39. My 14yo dd likes her better than she likes me. She always talks about what a great time she has at her dad's house but she barely... (140 replies)
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  2. DH and I are married 2 years. ON our wedding day my dh burst out crying, happily. He is an emotional guy. I know this. he has an amazingly close family and an emotional dad. Well,... (134 replies)
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  3. Re test prep, I have a phd in neuroscience. The most useful, illustrative, eye-opening parts of my doctoral program were - by far - the talks. Seminars, usually an hour long, giv... (129 replies)
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  4. If you are jewish are you zionist? (122 replies)
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  5. I had such a mansplaining moment once. I had this new guy as a supervisor (I'm a freelance AD) and I needed to get my time sheet/invoice signed on my last day. and he insisted on... (112 replies)
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  6. Whenever I ask DH to help out more with kids during the week, he goes on the defensive and it turns into a huge blowout fight. I don't know how to handle anymore. He doesn't seem... (92 replies)
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  7. My dh was raped once when we were on vacation together. We had been hiking in a remote area. He still doesn't like to talk about it. (88 replies)
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  8. I don't get this popular notion of forcing people to do things that violate religious or other strongly held beliefs. If I was strongly opposed to, say, circumcision, and I'm and... (86 replies)
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  9. I have such bad anxiety about people coming to my house, anyone else? Not playdate kids or their parents or repair people but guests coming for dinner, to stay overnight. It... (85 replies)
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  10. What are good books for a 2nd grade boy who just finished the harry potter series? he is not generally super into fantasy/magic, more sports oriented, but did really like HP (80 replies)
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  11. What is more important to Jewish people - wedding or bar/bat mitvah? (78 replies)
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  12. The definition of single parent:... (77 replies)
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  13. My kid left her lunchbox in the cafeteria during breakfast. It's gone now. WTf. no one put it into lost and found or someone stole it or someone tossed it. WTF is wrong with the... (76 replies)
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  14. I'm not Jewish so maybe I don't get it, but all of the Jewish people I know are very highly educated, have good careers and live very comfortable lives. So what is all the... (76 replies)
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  15. Jewish moms, are you scared by the hate here? Is this what all our neighbors really think? I am sickened. (73 replies)
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  16. Do people really think that the opt out stuff is driven by LAZINESS? Seriously? Damn. Sometimes this place amazes me. (72 replies)
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  17. What woudl you think about dh getting a job that meant he was away Mon-Fri, came home on Friday evening. (72 replies)
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  18. What are your money saving tips? (71 replies)
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  19. Do you believe in god? (70 replies)
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  20. What dx is it that would make a person want to crash a plane full of people? (70 replies)
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  21. This indiana discrimination bill has shot Mike Pence's presidential chances in the foot before they even started. (And in the perverse world of american politics, it may have made... (65 replies)
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  22. Now I've heard it all. A mom is a single parent because her dh moved out four months ago. (64 replies)
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  23. How big of an asshole am I? the woman who fucked my dh knowing he was married recently got married and is PG (I was pg when he cheated on me with her) and I sent her a text... (64 replies)
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  24. I'm so sick of my kids school. It's impressively mediocre. And when the parents get involved, it's even worse (64 replies)
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  25. What's up with the antisemetism on YBM (62 replies)
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