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  1. My kids (13/10/7) never have anything to do on the weekends. It really drives me crazy. Spring sports will start up and that will change but my youngest will still probably only... (141 replies)
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  2. Dc's name, hhi, car you drive and I'll tell you where you live (99 replies)
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  3. Sigh. dd is a 14 yo freshman. dating a 17 yo senior. She is "in love". In her diary she wrote that she feels they are "one of the all time great love stories". I am not 100%... (94 replies)
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  4. What is your net worth? (91 replies)
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  5. I have a client who I got very close with - we were working together a lot, got along great, he confided in me a ton, etc. Then something changed - he started acting, I don't... (88 replies)
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  6. I have to go talk to principal about my dd being bullied at her school dance, and my stomach is all in knots. I feel like I already know what she will say since this isn't the... (85 replies)
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  7. DD has been going to these over the top bat mitzvahs and seeing them on Instagram. We can't afford that type of party. I've been offering her alternatives that I think would be... (85 replies)
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  8. If you are 40+ and have a really flat, strong stomach, describe your diet and exercise (84 replies)
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  9. 12yo dd went to a camp friends bat mitzvah last night 90 minutes from our house. Pick up time today was "by 11am." She has a ride with someone who lives 25 minutes away but they... (79 replies)
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  10. I am a curvy 140. 5'5. I tried on jeans yesterday Lucky, True Religion, Sevens, etc and was like "where is the part that goes over my ass? They were sooooo low cut. I guess I... (77 replies)
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  11. There is a girl in dd's classroom who is really horrible. she is always bragging about herself and puts everyone else down and never listens to adults and is always misbehaving.... (75 replies)
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  12. Trigger--I know many families who go skiing every single weekend (f-sun) in the winter. I don't know how they do it--I guess it is the same for people who go to the hamptons or... (74 replies)
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  13. If you shave off all or basically all of your pubic hair, how much of a problem do you have with ingrown hairs? I'd like to be shaving more hair, but honestly, the ingrowns look... (67 replies)
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  14. Is it possible to be really chic when you're heavy? (66 replies)
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  15. If you want your DC to attend Ivy, what's their hook? (66 replies)
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  16. Would you move to Grand Cayman for 5 years? Possible job opportunity.... Kids are 10 and 7. (63 replies)
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  17. Attending a Bday Party for a 7 year old where the kids (parents!) want us to donate and write checks to an school in Africa. How much. (62 replies)
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  18. What do you think is the right length of a school day? In Chicago they are going from 5 to 7 1//2 hours a day. (60 replies)
    posted 7 hr 16 min ago in Toddler
  19. Lets say you go out with two other couples to a trendy restaurant. Everyone orders some drinks, shares appetizers and gets their own entree. How much is the bill for the table?... (58 replies)
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  20. Why is it once you cross the line to menopause/no periods, women get that puffy look in the body & face? I'm late 40's and worried it'l just hit me one day soon (58 replies)
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  21. It really is impossible to get ahead in NY. DH got a great bonus this year, but half will go to taxes. It's just so unfair & impossible for hard working ppl to get a break around... (57 replies)
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  22. Just asked my third grader about what the teacher has told them about PAARC and he said they told him it's 2 sessons (march and May which I knew) and that the 2 tests are and hour... (55 replies)
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  23. How much do you think it would cost to gut renovate this house? New kitchen etc etc... (54 replies)
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  24. 14yo is defying me. Gave her a one time 30 min extension to finish HW, now is refusing to go to bed. WTF? She has never done this before. Had a new class taking up 6 hrs on Sat,... (53 replies)
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  25. Author here: please name my androgynous female character who is super tough but desperate to appear refined in order to hide a blue-collar, middle Amerca background.... (53 replies)
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