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  1. I had a reputation as the school slut in high school. Twist ending: it was awesome. I had my circle of friend who had my back. And my reputation meant I could have any boyfriend I... (195 replies)
    posted 13 hr 36 min ago in Toddler
  2. I think some shorts on girls are just asking for trouble. I saw a girl wearing shorty shorts that showed her butt with the words Love Works. Is there no modesty anymore? (166 replies)
    posted 22 hr 7 min ago in Toddler
  3. Dh started working for himself last year. We are now going to be paying $30k for health insurance. We are able to pay it but it really hurts. I don't get how most can do this? (163 replies)
    posted 23 hr 16 min ago in Toddler
  4. Libertarianism would make sense in a world where there were no women, minorities, childhood, illness or decent literature. (133 replies)
    posted 11 hr 28 min ago in Toddler
  5. NYer living in the south. It's interesting to me that so many northerners really get such a kick out of feeling superior to southerners (smarter, less racist, more educated).... (132 replies)
    posted 6 hr 57 min ago in Toddler
  6. Would you and DH go to a nude resort? (123 replies)
    posted 8 hr 27 min ago in Toddler
  7. Just asked about embroidering duvet cover and sham. would you do jsut her first initaial on sham, or first and last? so one or 2 letters? (122 replies)
    posted 2 hr 30 min ago in Toddler
  8. What is the most expensive thing you've purchased this year? How much? (102 replies)
    posted 5 hr 56 min ago in Toddler
  9. Say something here you would not say IRL: (102 replies)
    posted 8 hr 54 min ago in Toddler
  10. I have never not worked since I was 15. I find the idea of staying home very appealing. (101 replies)
    posted 4 hr 58 min ago in Toddler
  11. I feel so alone. I'm the one who's bday is today and am fighting with dh. I have no one I can call. No one I can talk to about it. Just very alone. Sitting in my bathroom crying (96 replies)
    posted 2 hr 32 min ago in Toddler
  12. If more women gave their husbands all the sex they wanted there would be less affairs and less cheating (94 replies)
    posted 53 min ago in Toddler
  13. Most of the really wealthy people i know made their own money. (88 replies)
    posted 13 hr 46 min ago in Toddler
  14. By far the most alarming thing on this board is the disregard for climate change and the impact it will have on us and especially our children. Every time it is brought up here... (84 replies)
    posted 8 hr 45 min ago in Toddler
  15. The reality of the vast majority of relationships is that the attraction fades (its a chemical thing that we cannot control) and putting pressure on couples to rekindle or work... (84 replies)
    posted 10 hr 9 min ago in Toddler
  16. I remember Asian Df telling me that her family moved to SC for 8 months where her dad joined as a medical practice and that they were so unwelcoming of "foreigners" that they... (83 replies)
    posted 6 hr 25 min ago in Toddler
  17. That tired statement about weight loss, "How long did it take you to gain it" as a measurement of how long it takes to lose it, is bullshit. How long were you married before... (82 replies)
    posted 4 hr 22 min ago in Toddler
  18. Pioneer Woman, the Southern Rachel Ray. I think she actually gets her recipes off the side of Kraft packaged food. So gross. (77 replies)
    posted 14 hr 10 min ago in Toddler
  19. Straight women can go to strip clubs with female dancers, without their husbands, and enjoy themselves (76 replies)
    posted 1 hr 54 min ago in Toddler
  20. I am afraid of ISIS. (73 replies)
    posted 1 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  21. Having #4. We have a John who is 6. Murray who is almost 4. And Ronan who is 18mos. Any name suggestions? (73 replies)
    posted 6 hr 32 min ago in Toddler
  22. DH and I can't think of one name we agree on for #4, and clearly yb hates our taste anyway, and no big "aha!" names from poll. This kid will go unnamed. (71 replies)
    posted 6 hr 20 min ago in Toddler
  23. Dh handles the money and fixes the computer when it is broken. i'm pretty (71 replies)
    posted 21 hr 6 min ago in Toddler
  24. When I was 15 i slept with my 17 year old sisters boyfriend. i almost lost an eye when she attacked me. i still have the scar in my eyebrow. (69 replies)
    posted 22 hr 17 min ago in Toddler
  25. I take odd pleasure in upsetting mil, she asked if I wanted her to take ds so dd and I could have a girls day, I said no and she asked why and I said because I don't want a girls... (68 replies)
    posted 8 hr 54 min ago in Toddler