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  1. There are people who are VERY close at work, go out alone, etc. EVERYONE assumes they are fucking, and EVERYONE feels sorry for their respective spouses. So if you want to... (103 replies)
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  2. I am 42. My friends from college are 42-43 (I was young for my grade). It is very weird to see them post that they are pregnant. That stage of life was over a decade ago for me. (96 replies)
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  3. Group of six 14yos had a sleepover. they were up very late, went to kitchen to get something to drink. One spied a bottle of whiskey. The poured 2 inches into a glass and... (95 replies)
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  4. How much have you spent today? (87 replies)
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  5. We flew home from thanksgiving today, 5 & 8yo boys, 4 hour flight. Dh got an upgrade and sat in first class the whole time. Thoughts? (75 replies)
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  6. Had drinks Monday night with male work colleague with whom I have been friendly for years. We're both married, have kids. Dh hates it when we get together, but I never lie about... (73 replies)
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  7. Dh makes over 1M, but still insists I work because he wants to retire and I'm going to have to work for healthcare. yes, its expensive but dont you think we can afford it now? (71 replies)
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  8. If a 10 yo friend of my ds says "douche bag" in front of his own mother, I don't give a shit what she does or doesn't do about it. I have my own kids to raise (70 replies)
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  9. DH just peeled a clementine in one piece and my mom called him a witch. Now he's fucking fuming at her for the unwarranted insult. Mom, shut the fuck up. It's a goddamn orange. (69 replies)
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  10. You know, sometimes you can't call parents. there were 3 serious issues at camp, I didn't know the campers last night, so I took a pic of texts and sent them to camp director. (69 replies)
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  11. I just read a story about a woman who gave birth on Nov. 3rd to her first baby and learned a few days later she has aggressive brain cancer. Her dh's insurance doesn't cover... (64 replies)
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  12. Flying overseas with my 20yo and he puts his seat back and the woman behind him asks if he can put it back up and he does. That enraged me and j reached over to his seat control... (63 replies)
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  13. I am sick of sheryl Sandberg And mark zuckerberg. They are both so insufferable... (63 replies)
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  14. This is Bradley Cooper's girlfriend and her thanksgiving post saying what she is grateful for... (62 replies)
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  15. Dh keeps complaining about how much weight he's gained, but gets pissed when I say something as he gets up for his third bowl of pasta. (60 replies)
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  16. Any parents on with no siblings? I'm an only. (60 replies)
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  17. MIL made mash potatoes yest. That was it. Sat on her ass drinking for the rest of the 10 hours of prep etc. I vented to DH and he's like, what can you do? Don't want a fight.... (60 replies)
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  18. In the process of divorcing. 44yo, 3 dcs. Ask me anything. (59 replies)
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  19. Who would make the worst president - trump, carson or palin? (58 replies)
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  20. Trigger. DH missed the births of all 3 kids because he needed to work. Still upsets me (58 replies)
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  21. Bella Hadid made 30 plates out of the left over food her family had. And she is giving it to the needy.... (57 replies)
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  22. Just spent 2 days with BIL/SIL and family. They are so warm, fun, a big loud happy group. Both lawyers, athletic, very healthy. yet their house is so run down. Wall paper and... (57 replies)
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  23. DH is in jail and may be for the next year or so. I haven't decided yet if I'm filing for divorce. In the meantime, we have completely separate bank accounts. He's unable to... (54 replies)
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  24. Would you work if your net worth was over $10M? (53 replies)
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  25. Mohamed Hadid is not particularly attractive but his DNA makes ridiculously photogenic dc. ALL of them look like models... (50 replies)
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