January 14, 2011

Beta Release Feedback

By ybm in beta

Thanks to everyone for giving the beta release a try and providing your feedback. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback and we appreciate all of it, good and bad. Sorry if we’re not able to directly respond to your comments on the feedback board. We’re going through all the comments to figure out how best to address them.

In the meantime, there are a few outstanding bugs we’re in the process of squashing.  If you’ve identified other problems with the release, or just have a comment in general, please let us know. Thanks!

  1. View is defaulting to All Boards instead of My Boards *fixed*
  2. Unable to clear post history *fixed*
  3. Unable to retrieve or change password *fixed*
  4. Subject getting cut off when post spills over into the message box *fixed? anyone?*

7 Responses to “Beta Release Feedback”

  1. On the iPhone, anything after the subject line is so small it is unreadable.

    • Hi, do you mean when you click on a subject to expand it? Is it the post links you’re referring to (like sticky, reply, etc) or the message?

  2. Is there a way for all posts to be viewed collapsed and then we can expand when we want to read all of the comments?

    Thanks again for all of the time you spend maintaining this board.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’re working on a few important fixes in the beta release, after those go out we’ll see what we can do!

  3. youbemom.com/forum: defaults to My Boards.
    beta.youbemom.com/forum: defaults to All Boards. This occurs in Mac on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as on Droid.

  4. We need an iphone app! would pay a nominal fee even.